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Our weather camera faces due west and takes one picture every minute.  Those pictures are then stitched together to make time-lapse videos.  See below.

That is the Pemigewasset River on the left. We are a certified natural wildlife habitat.

This is what the weather is like right now, Example

Bob Hatcher webcam

This picture is updated every 60-seconds.

SECOND This is what the weather is like right now, Example

This picture is updated every 60-seconds.

The most recent three hours (updated every hour)

Most recent sunset

Most recent sunrise

Most recent full day – sunrise to sunset

Lastly, this one is one shot taken at noon every day and played back. This started in mid-March 2016, so, it will be very quick for a while. Over time, it’ll be really cool to see the seasons change.

Readings from Bob's weather station

Thornton, NH, Thornton, NH
temp: 67.1 F (19.5 C) (19.5)
humidity: 94%
wind: From the SW at 2.2 MPH Gusting to 2.2 MPH
pressure: 29.99" (1015.5 mb)
station: KNHTHORN2
hardware: Ambient Weather WS2080
updated:August 26, 2:52 AM EDT
local forecast


Daily Weather History Graph

Weekly Weather History Graph

Monthly Weather History Graph

Lightning strikes in the USA…

Map of site visitors (starting June 10, 2015)

LargeVisitor Globe

Flag Counter Map free counter

And, here is the radar loop…

Click on this link for a bigger map.

And, the vapor loop…

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